Saturday, July 31, 2010

Some sandwiches don't need to be

We hosted a woman riding her bike around the world last week. She has travelled across Europe, Asia and half of the United States--over 7000 miles so far. She stayed a couple days while Beth advised her on good routes across Wisconsin and I pestered her for stories. Beth rode out of town with her since that's the hardest part of bike touring--finding your way in and out of cities. Beth had so much fun riding with her that she went almost the whole day and called me to pick her up.
Beth talked me into picking her up by reminding me that the town she was stopping in, Miesville, has a bar famous for hamburgers. I met her and Ann at King's. I had eaten there a long time ago and the burgers were good. I didn't remember there being quite so many on the menu, though. I had a hard time choosing but I was drawn to the large number of burgers featuring coleslaw and/or hot dogs. Hmmm... I couldn't not try a burger with a hot dog and coleslaw on it, right? I don't regret trying it, but it's not really a sandwich that needs to exist. The burger patty was good, but it was topped with a lukewarm and mediocre hot dog, a scoop of so-so coleslaw,and a slice of cheese on top of the whole mess. What's the opposite of gestalt? Is there a term for something less than the sum of its parts?
Anyway, if you go to King's get a normal burger. Skip the gimmick!
And if you get the chance to host an around the world cyclist, by all means say yes!

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Yankee said...

Ann is my new hero. And I am high-fiving you for playing host and contributing to this great adventure!