Sunday, July 11, 2010

Maine makes good lobster rolls, too

On our way home from Prince Edward Island, we stopped at Acadia National Park in Maine. This being a trip with my crazy brother, we got there just in time for sunset. We sped up Cadillac Mountain just in time to catch the amazing view and the pink and red sky.
After taking in the view we started to look for dinner. All of the places that were hopping with customers at 8:30 when we drove past them on the way to the park were closed up at 9:30. Except for the Down East Lobster Pound. They might not have been too excited to see us roll up at 9:45, but they were happy to sell us lobster rolls, chowder and blueberry pie.We checked out their lobster pots, which featured some rarities like this blue lobster and giant orange one. Then we sat down in their screened porch and prepared to feast. The sandwich was gorgeous. It was filled with sweet lobster and a little mayo. The roll was toasted perfectly. And the coleslaw was nice and crispy with a little zing. The chowder and pie were great too!

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