Wednesday, July 21, 2010

On the way home

We took a couple detours on our way home from the East Coast.
First up, we decided to swing by Gettysburg. It wasn't too far off the route and we figured we check it out quickly and head on our way. Silly us. We got there right after lunch and finally had to stop looking around because the sun was setting. We still had driving to do! We weren't crazy enough to hit the road again without something in our stomachs, though.
Luckily we happened upon the Springhouse Tavern in the Dobbin House. The house was built over a spring in the 1770's. You can still see the spring, right next to the entrance to the tavern. It was a really cool building with the original stone walls and timber ceiling. I got the Maryland Crabcake Sandwich. The crabcake was really tasty and one a toasted bun with letuce and tomato. Delicious. I only had my cell phone with me so the picture is awful. Bear with me.
Spending so much time at Gettysburg made for a long second day of driving. We stayed on the turnpikes and stopped as minimally as possible. We were approaching Chicago around dinner time, though. I wished out loud that Mr. Beef had an outlet right off the freeway so we could get their amazing Italian beef sandwiches. No luck. But the GPS did lead us to Ricobene's which had a suitable substitute. It's no Mr. Beef, but it'll do in a pinch!

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