Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Working my way through the menu.

When I find a sandwich place I like, I make an effort to sample all of the different menu items. It can be hard when I find a sandwich I really love on a menu but I have to force myself to try everything else. Life is hard, isn't it?
When I go to Cheeky Monkey, I am always tempted by the pot roast sandwich. It has beautifully tender pot roast with horseradish cream, pickled red onion and arugula. The onions and the arugula balance out the richness of the meat perfectly. It's a hard sandwich to pass up.
I was strong during my last visit to Cheeky Monkey. I didn't order it. I chose the fried egg sandwich instead. What a revelation! This sandwich ranks way up there on best fried egg sandwiches of all time. The bread was fried on the griddle and held a perfect over easy egg, thick salty bacon, arugula and mayonnaise. My heart won't be thanking me anytime soon for this treat, but man it was tasty!
It was so tasty that I didn't even ask Beth for a bite of her pot roast sandwich. She had to take a picture of me making declarations of love to it as well.


Giovanna said...

Fried egg sandwiches are a comfort food of my youth. We'd include sliced tomato from the garden with the over-easy egg. It was wondrous! Maybe I'll make oe for myself tomorrow.
Btw, I am having a great time enjoying the unusual sandwiches of Britain. It's always tempting to just stick with the bacon, brie, and chutney but there is always something new and exciting to try.

CharlieW said...

serendipity . . . I was just yesterday invited to have lunch with an old friend (he used "blast-from-the-past" in his voicemail message; been probably 20 years since we've seen each other) and he suggested we meet at Cheeky Monkey. To put an edge on all this, today is the first time ever I have visited Sandwiches I Have Loved!

See you on the treadmill Rebecca!!

Rebecca said...

Welcome to Sandiwches I Have Loved, Charlie! I nope you enjoyed Cheeky Monkey. Everything is delicious there.
And Giovanna--bacon, brie and chutney sounds AMAZING. Is it hot or cold? Because both would be nice. Now, where to find British bacon in MN...