Thursday, June 3, 2010

Philly Roast Pork, where have you been all of my life?

Isn't that pretty?
Last night we celebrated Kate's visit to the Twin Cities with Philly Roast Pork sandwiches. Karen has been talking these up to me for ages and apparently we've been waiting for the perfect moment to make them.
The Philly Roast Pork is Philadelphia's other famous sandwich. It's made from aged provolone, seasoned roast pork, and sauteed brocolli rabe.
Karen ordered the cheese from Philadelphia and picked up French rolls from a Vietnamese bakery as they seemed like an appropriate stand in for the crusty rolls used in Philly.
I checked out some recipes for the roast pork and was struck by its similarity to porketta, a seasoned pork roast popular here. Since I was feeling pressed for time and since I knew it would be awesome, I picked up a porketta roast at Cossetta's and cooked it the night before, reserving the pan juices. On Sandwich Night, I cut the roast into 1/8" slices and warmed it up with the reserved juices. I augmented the pan juices with a chicken broth and more herbs and spices.
I cooked up the brocolli rabe by blanching it first, then sauteeing it in olive oil with lots of garlic and some red pepper flakes.
To assemble, you split the roll, lay on slices of cheese, then meat, then brocolli rabe. It's that simple. I served extra pan juices for dipping, because it seemed like the right thing to do.
How were they?
Well, I declared undying love for Karen after my first bite. What else could I do? She introduced me to one of the greatest sandwiches of all time.


Kate said...

I will visit Minneapolis more often if Beth opens a vendor cart selling these! Maybe she can franchise to Ann Arbor too...

Susan said...

I'm soooo proud! They look so authentic!

Melissa said...

I love broccoli rabe, but it has never occurred to me to have it in a sandwich -- can't wait to try this!