Sunday, June 20, 2010

Rocking the Garden with sandwiches

I went to Rock the Garden at the Walker Art Gallery yesterday. It's an annual concert hosted by my favorite radio station, The Current. (If you aren't listening, you should be.) We got there a little late to get a spot on the slope facing the stage, so we ended up on the top of the hill with this limited view.
That was okay, because Rock the Garden is like a big picnic. Rather than bringing in the usual festival food vendors, they have local restaurants at the food booths. On the sandwich front we had the difficult choice bewteen the Vincent burger, an upscale Jucy Lucy filled with smoked gouda and braised short ribs, and Joe's Garage baguette sandwiches. Joe's won, due to their proximity to our blanket and the fact that I've consumed a lot of Jucy Lucy lately. I chose ratatouille with goat cheese. You can't really see the filling in this picture, but it was soaking all of its goodness into the bread. It was a great combo--and so simple, really. Nice job, Joe's Garage!

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