Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Spicing up the turkey sandwich

I’m still loving sandwiches made from Seward Co-op’s fantastic roast turkey. But I’m getting a little bored with the usual wheat bread/turkey/fancy mustard/greens combo I throw together as I’m running out the door for work. The answer to my turkey sandwich doldrums lay in a container of jalapeno peppers I bought at Trader Joe’s. You can’t buy just one pepper. You have to buy a box of eight. Which means I use one and never get around to the using the rest and they rot. Not this time. I started thinking about pepper jelly. And putting pepper jelly and cream cheese on a cracker….I made up a batch of jalapeno jelly. And I ate it on crackers spread with cream cheese. And then I thought, spread that combo on some St. Agnes Bakery St. Paul Sourdough and add some turkey. Yes! It’s spicy and a little sweet. The cream cheese keeps it from being too hot. The jelly brings out the lightly salty taste in the turkey. And you really can’t make a bad sandwich on such good bread.

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