Saturday, June 26, 2010

Sandwiches Make Everything Better

We had a couple booming thunderstorms yesterday evening. There were some trees down in the neighborhood and flooding in the streets. We were pleased that our giant tree seemed to weather the storm just fine. That was, until we were awoken late in the night by the loudest crash I have ever heard. I thought we had been hit by lightening. Nope, we were hit by an enormous branch, right over our sleeping heads. It had merely waited a few hours to give up the ghost.
Luckily, our friends Ben and Amy came to the rescue with breakfast treats from Butter. We had broccoli quiche, eclairs and this gorgeous biscuit sandwich with a fried egg, sausage and cheddar cheese. Yum! The biscuit was a little on the sturdy side, which helped hold the sandwich together and the sausage was well spiced. I added a little sriracha sauce because it makes an egg sandwich even better. It was a good distraction while we waited for the tree service to come and hoist the tree sized branch off our roof.
They are predicting more storms tonight. The tree's off the roof now, leaving a huge hole. Who's bringing breakfast tomorrow? We may need the distraction. And buckets and mops!
UPDATE: The emergency roofing team came just before the storm last night and fitted us out with a plywood patch and attractive blue tarp cover. It kept us dry!

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Melissa said...

Oh no! Sorry about your roof... and that I am too far away to bring breakfast. :)