Saturday, April 3, 2010

Sandwich Field Trips are fun

The weather has been gorgeous and my work schedule has eased so it's the perfect time to head out on some lunchtime Sandwich Field Trips.

On Thursday I went out for cemitas at La Fonda. Cemitas are similar to tortas, but are served on big, soft sweet buns with sesame seeds. They are fantastic. The soft and sweet bread is a good counter to all the savory goodness inside. I got carnitas, but they also have a tasty milanesa. In addition to meat, there's avocado, Oaxacan string cheese, lettuce, beans, hot pickles and hot sauces. There's probably more stuff in there, too. It's a messy gooey treat!

On Friday, I went for sandwiches at the St. Paul Cheese Shop. It's a pretty new store, right by my alma mater, Macalester. I had heard about it, but didn't know they made sandwiches with their fancy cheeses and cured meats. Now I do, thanks to Karen! I ordered ham, butter and comte cheese on a ciabatta roll. Karen got Spanish chorizo, manchego and quince paste on ciabatta. My sandwich was simple and delicious. The ham, butter, and cheese were all high quality and the flavors worked well together. Condiments are unnecessary when the ingredients are great. I had a bite of Karen's sandwich and it was pretty awesome. I also had to get one of their gooey Valrhona chocolate brownies for good measure. It was very good, almost as good as mine!

The St. Paul Cheese Shop is located a couple of doors away from the original Dunn Brothers coffee, so you can pick up a tasty cold press coffee to go with your sandwich. The coffee tastes better at the original, don't you think?

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