Saturday, April 24, 2010

Congratulations Angie!

Angie just graduated from massage school so we had to have a Sandwich Night to celebrate. No massage theme, here (although something involving wagyu beef would have been appropriate if we hadn't just blown our life savings on Tinkerbelle's heart condition). Instead, we brainstormed something appropriately Angie like--Jucy Lucy sliders! Why sliders? So we could make a few flavor combos AND eat them all.
We stared out by rolling the ground beef out thinly--about 1/4 inch. You can't go too thin, or you'll get holes. Then we cut out small rounds with a cookie cutter.
Then we filled them with three different combos. This is sharp cheddar, grilled onions and bacon.

This one was blue cheese, bacon and garlic. (That's also the one at the top of the post.)

And finally, the one we dubbed the Muffuletta Lucy: provolone, prosciutto, and olive salad made from green olives, garlic and capers. This one deserves a spot on the menu at the Blue Door Pub, I think. I'd also like to try it with ground turkey. Once the fillings were in, we added a second patty and pinched the edges together. This is important. You really have to get a good seal or the sides will open up during cooking and your lovely fillings will spill into the pan instead of into your mouth. We fried them up, just like they do at Matt's. Fry them on one side until nicely browned, then flip them and poke a hole in the top to relieve the pressure. Otherwise, your Jucy Lucy might spring a leak. Horrors.
Angie picked up big squishy sandwich rolls from one of the Mexican bakeries at the Midtown Global Market and we cut them into quarters to hold the burgers. We had fried onions and dill pickles slices along with mayonnaise, ketchup and mustard. And tater tots. Mmmm....tots.
I don't think we'll wait until Angie graduates from acupuncture school to try these again. Delicious!

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