Monday, April 5, 2010

I'm not here to make friends...I'm here to make sandwiches

Delicious sandwiches, that is. Sunday was our long awaited portmanteau Sandwich Night. We made the Club Mit. It's fun to say, isn't it? Club Meeeeeeeee!!!! So many jokes, so little time. To make the Club Mit, we had Seward Coop's sliced roasted turkey and Everett's bacon for the Club side. Then I got French banh mit rolls from a Vietnamese grocery store. Kris made daikon and carrot pickles. And I put my brand new mandoline slicer to use by slicing jalapenos and cucumbers. And I had to use the julienne attachment to make more carrot pickles. That's a fun new toy. I finished up the spread with cilantro, spicy mayo and regular mayo.

Kris also brought the "I'm not here to make friends" stinky appetizer:Holyland Deli garlic dip. This dip is made from garlic, oil, and lemon. That's it. It's blended to a smooth consistency and is so garlicky it could possibly kill you if you ate too much of it. Yum! Some people (Karen) even spread the garlic dip on their Club Mit.

The Club Mit was fantastic, by the way. The addition of bacon to the bahn mit is genius, if I don't say so myself. My only regret was that I completely forgot to serve the avocados I had been carefully ripening for the occasion. I think that a Club Mit with avocado could bring a person to tears.

We watched the last two episodes of the ANTM Cycle 14. By now all the seasons run together, but there's still some amusing things like house cat fights and watching the insanely gross photo shoots (was anyone else disturbed by posing over and in a bathtub full of fake blood?)

Then we had the crowning glory of the evening: Peeps s'mores! It was Easter, after all. We heated them on the panini press which worked surprisingly well.
They were really good--all the gooey sweetness of s'mores with a little crunch from the sugar coating on the Peep. We used blue chicks.
Did I mention that they were messy? Here's some proof.
We also had some Peepshi, courtesy of Kris and seriouseats. They were showy and surprisingly delicious. Nice work everyone!

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