Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Google tells all

Beth has been bugging me to find out the stats on my blog, to see if anyone besides my friends and family are reading it. So I checked out the Webmaster tools last night. I was surprised to discover that if you search for "Teamster sandwich" in Google, I am the first hit. What?????????

I know that googling sandwich and Everett's together will get you to me. But Teamster sandwich? Admittedly, it's one of the funniest episodes of 30 Rock ever. And I've blogged about it a couple times. But I don't understand the mysterious ways of the Google and how I ended up on top.

I'm glad I checked it out, though. Because #2 on the Teamster sandwich search? A blog post by someone who hunted the elusive treat down! Someday I will get myself to Fiore's in Hoboken, NJ on a Thursday or a Saturday to try it myself.

UPDATE: OMG!! Fiore's delivers! I'm scared to see how much shipping costs on a $15 sandwich, though.

1 comment:

Amy J said...

I will totally take you to Hoboken. We can pull an all-nighter.