Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Turkey Sandwich, anyone?

January is the month when everyone decides to drop a few pounds. The gyms are packed. "Healthy foods" are on special at the market. Workout DVDs line the shelves.
I'm no different. I had a little too much fun over the holidays. I could stand to shed some of that "fun."
Turkey sandwiches make sense, right? Turkey is the lean protein you're supposed to eating to lose weight. But turkey sandwiches can be so boring. Most sliced turkey lunchmeat is slimy and tasteless. And slimy and tasteless meat makes a terrible sandwich, doesn't it?
Enter Seward Coop's Own Sliced Minnesota Herbed Turkey Breast. It tastes like they roasted a turkey breast, let it cool and sliced it. (Which is probably exactly what they did.) No added water or preservatives. No slime! Thank goodness!
Here's what I did with it today.

Wheat bread, turkey, spinach, a little butter, and peach apricot preserves. Yum.

And yes, I wrap my sandwiches in waxed paper like an old lady. Deal with it.

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