Saturday, January 16, 2010

California Cheeseburger Cure-all

I had some minor outpatient surgery on my arm yesterday. The surgery took all of 30 minutes, but they kept me in recovery forever. I felt fine. I was starving. The handful of saltines they gave weren't really doing the trick. The man in the bed next to me kept whining about wanting a steak even as a cardiologist was informing him that his heart was so messed up they couldn't give him the foot surgery for which he had come in. I believe the quote was, "No anaesthesiologist is going to put you under while your heart is like this."
Is it any wonder that I started fantasizing about where we could stop to eat on the way home? So even though the nurse who finally released me warned me to eat a "light meal" first, I couldn't miss the chance for a California cheeseburger at the Convention Grill. We had to drive right past it to get home, after all.
While not quite messy enough for my California standards, the California cheeseburger at the Convention Grill is quite tasty. They pile on a ton of almost caramelized grilled onions, leaf lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, American cheese (you can also choose from smoked cheddar, meunster, or Swiss) and give you a little cup of mayonnaise. The burger itself is nicely beefy and juicy. I cut it in half to be able to eat it one handed--a paper wrapping would help!
I got a chocolate banana malt, too. No room for their excellent fries. You really need a table full of people to finish off a basket of those beauties.
And, yes, I did feel better after that. Light dinner? I skipped the fries, didn't I?

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