Thursday, January 28, 2010

This is a stretch but...

The best sandwich I've had lately was a salted caramel macaroon from Sweets Bakeshop in St. Paul. They sell a variety of French style macaroons--the kind with two meringue-like cookies sandwiching a flavored filling--usually buttercream or ganache. They are also made in all sorts of pretty pastel colors. In this case, it was a pleasing robin's egg blue cookie with homemade caramel in the middle. I was a little disappointed in the saltiness of it until I bit into a big salt crystal right at the end. Jackpot!
And yes, I did steal the image from their website because I ate the cookie before I could take a picture of it. Can you blame me?
Furthermore, their cupcakes are also insanely good. The grapefruit sparkler mini cupcake almost made me cry.

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