Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Don't forget your New Year's Resolutions!

I know, it's June, for heaven's sake. But I made a resolution to finish off mostly empty bottles and jars of condiments in my refrigerator this year and I'd like to say that I am still making progress.

Yesterday, for example, I finished off the dandelion jelly Mel brought back from West Virginia last winter. It has a honey flavor to it and it's very tasty with peanut butter. I wonder how they make it?

Today I finished off a jar of sliced dill pickles on a pseudo-Cuban. I used cracked wheat bread, sliced pork loin, mustard greens, Dijon mustard and dill pickles. I found the pork loin in the freezer (resolution #2=eat the leftovers from the freezer). It was near the front, so it can't be that old. Unfortunately I don't remember cooking it. It's seasoned quite nicely with garlic and oregano. Did we have a Cuban sandwich night that I forgot to blog about? (Thank goodness blogspot has a search function: the pork loin is from February) Seriously, I am way too young to have this bad a memory!

But I am inspired to pick up some Swiss cheese, ham, French bread and more pickles tonight so I can make myself a Cuban to remember this time. Deeelish.

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