Monday, June 9, 2008

It's all in the bread

I have to take a minute to praise the fantastic variety and quality of bread available here in the Twin Cities. It's such good news for the sandwich lover. Recently we have taken the Franklin Street Bakery's Multi Grain Sourdough and turned it into Cheddar and Branston's Pickle paninis. The bread is dense and sour, but with lots of yummy seeds and bits. It was perfect in the panini press.
We also got a loaf of Miche from Rustica and had grilled ham and cheese sandwiches with Wood River Aged Provolone from the Burnett Dairy in Alpha, WI and honey baked ham from Everett's. Miche is a whole wheat and rye sourdough. Yum!
And finally, we topped off our melty cheese sandwich fest with Cheddar and ham on Honey Wheat from A Toast to Bread.
Yay for good bread!

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