Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Sandwiches for Obama!

Beth and I went to Barack Obama's speech at the Xcel Center in St. Paul last night. When we got in line with 30,000 of our closest friends, we lucked out to be across the street from the Dunn Bros. I went in to get a coffee and saw that they sell sandwiches as well. I snapped up an egg salad on whole wheat since I had no idea if we would get a chance to have dinner.

The egg salad was very tasty. The dressing was light and it was full of crunchy vegetables like celery and green peppers. Yum!
After standing on the sidewalk for 1 1/2 hours, the line started moving at 7:11. We shuffled in starts and fits until we finally got inside at 8:25. It's a good thing I had caffeine and egg salad to sustain me!

Can you see Barack?


Meghan said...

wow! What a night!

Jane Bowman said...

I'm officially jealous.