Sunday, May 11, 2008

Recent Sandwiches of Note

Our friends Jen and Jr. were in town over last weekend. Unfortunately, we were in Boston for the weekend. We managed to squeeze in lunch together between our flight arriving Monday morning and theirs leaving Monday afternoon. We went the Birchwood Cafe and I had this beauty. It's called the 7 layer Delight and it was quite delightful. I can't remember all of the layers, but there was definitely roasted beets, jicama, spicy micro greens and some sort of bean puree. Yum!
Yesterday we had to go to Everett's to pick up bacon and sausage for Beth's mother's day breakfast. We were hungry at the time so we picked up some Everett's homemade salami and brought it home for sandwiches. I used green olive sourdough bread, yellow mustard, provolone and lettuce. Deelish!
Yay for using up two more tablespoons of yellow mustard as well!

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