Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Hijacked Sandwich night

Hello fellow hijackers,

Come over anytime after 7:00 pm, Thursday evening. I will place the sandwich night order at 7:15 pm. So, either show up or let me know your order by then. While Matt's does have a more extensive menu, you're choices are this, Jucy with or with out fried onions, fries or no fries.

Rebecca update: Rebecca arrived in Oklahoma at 12:43 am, only three hours later than scheduled. That is a new speed record for flying through Chicago!


Sarah said...

I wish I could come, but Joe's out of town this week. And I am new to the whole Juicy Lucy thing, so I'm especially disappointed I can't make it.

I watched ANTM last night and can't wait to hear what ya'll think. And I've got the behind-the-scenes scoop whenever you're ready for it!

Rebecca said...

Have fun. I managed to watch the end of the finale last night and I can't wait to talk about it with everyone! Have fun tonight. Enjoy your Jucys Lucy and think of me!