Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Fools

Our April Fool's trick is the 6 inches of snow that fell yesterday. Nothing says Spring like a winter wonderland outside your door. The good news is, it will melt soon. Which makes shoveling it seem kind of futile, but we're doing our part to be good neighbors...

In other news, after going back and forth on having a Sandwich Night tomorrow night, I have decided that yes, we shall! Originally we were thinking of doing Eggs Benedict, but the April Fool's joke is on you since we need our stove to boil maple sap. So the menu will feature Croque Monsieur and Stuffed French Toast. Why? Since they both dip in egg batter, both can be cooked on the panini maker (of course) and both can be eaten with fresh maple syrup!

The festivities begin around 7:00 with ANTM viewing commencing around 8:00. It's go-see week...can't wait to see who will come back late. My chips are on Dominique. But it totally won't be her fault. It will be because all of the other girls are intimidated by her general fierceness.

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