Sunday, April 27, 2008

Add one gallon of mustard and...

I forgot to mention that we had to crack into the 1 gallon jug of yellow mustard during the Maid-Rite Sandwich Night. How did we come to own a gallon of mustard? Well, a few months ago Beth's brother Ted called (the following is a dramatic re-enactment based on my memory alone):
Ted: Hey, I'm going to Sam's Club, you guys want anything?
Beth: Yeah, get us one of those huge bags of chocolate chips.
Ted: Anything else?
Beth: I'll ask Rebecca. (yelling to me) Rebecca! Ted wants to know if we want anything from Sam's Club.
Rebecca: Tell him to get me a gallon of mustard!
Beth (to Ted): She says, get her a gallon of mustard.
Rebecca: No no no! I was just joking!
Ted (to Beth):Don't worry, I won't get her a gallon of mustard.

Lo and behold, the next time we saw Ted, he delivered a giant bag of chocolate chips and a gallon of yellow mustard. Drat.

The bright yellow jug has moved around the house since, like a trophy, never opened. We treated it as a display item and a funny reminder of that fateful day. Until last Wednesday when I pulled out the normal sized bottle of yellow mustard from the fridge for the Maid-Rites and found it practically empty. What to do? Maid-Rites must be served with yellow mustard! We had no choice other than to open the jug.

So, we have an open gallon of mustard. What should we do with it?


Anonymous said...

Place in SMM breakroom with hint that someone should bring the Brats..
Preferably on the first or third Wednesday! LOL

Amy J. said...

Soft pretzles?

Kris A said...

Mini corn dog night?