Wednesday, April 16, 2008

St. Louis Not Inspirational, Sandwich-wise

What is inspirational about St. Louis (and the entire reason for our visit) is the City Museum. Like the House on the Rock, you must see it to believe it. It was incredible. Well worth the dearth of inspiring sandwiches.
The great food news I have to report from St. Louis is that I ate a heart-stopping breakfast called the Devil's Delight at the Courtesy Diner. It's hashbrowns, 2 eggs, chili, cheese and onions. (I skipped the onions because I am a wimp.) If you add two hamburger patties, they call it the Slinger. This is the breakfast my brother Peter was born to eat. And someday we will go to St. Louis and fill up on chili for breakfast before hitting the City Museum for a day of mayhem.
Also, the beer at Shlafly's Tap Room is awesome. Especially the American Pale Ale and the Coffee Stout.


Amy J. said...

Do you really think it would be wise to eat the Slinger *before* hitting the City Museum? On their website,they advise you to wear closed-toe shoes and long pants when you visit. Sounds rigorous. Could be a recipe for disaster. (But then, the Slinger on it's own sounds rather dangerous.)
PS: Where can I buy some good Minnesota maple syrup?

Rebecca said...

I'll bring you some syrup in 2 weeks!!!!