Monday, April 7, 2008

Sandwiches for Syrup!

The whole point of the last Sandwich Night was to eat our homemade maple syrup with sandwiches. And to avoid using the stove since it was busy with sap boiling.(The tree has finally stopped running, by the way. Thank goodness. It produced over a gallon of syrup. We might have had to go into business!)
Both Croque Monsieur and stuffed French toast on the panini maker sounded good, so that’s what we had. I assembled wheat bread and potato bread, plus Black Forest ham, Swiss cheese, cream cheese, strawberry raspberry jam (also homemade) and I cooked up some sliced peaches with cinnamon and maple syrup. I whisked together some eggs, milk, and a drop of vanilla (the secret ingredient to delicious French toast) to dip everything in.
Kate brought strawberry flavored sparkling wine and orange juice which made quite tasty mimosas. Sarah brought fruit salad. Karen came, too!
As usual, the regular frenzy of sandwich making followed. My favorite of the night was very straightforward: Black Forest ham and Swiss cheese on potato bread, dipped in the batter and pressed lightly in the panini maker. I dipped it into a small cup of warm syrup as I ate it. It was fantastic. Other stand-outs included a ham and peach number Karen came up with and a peach, jam and cream cheese number I managed to squeeze in for dessert.
We had a great time watching ANTM, including the shocking elimination of Claire! My girl Lauren really dodged a bullet. She’d better step it up!

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