Monday, March 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Little Angie!

Angie's girlfriend, Ramey, was visiting from California and it was the day before Angie's birthday and what better excuse do you need for a Sandwich Night?

The sandwich was the bithday girl's choice, of course. I'll give you 4 guesses about what went into them:
Steak? Check.
Mushrooms? Check.
Onions? Check.
Swiss cheese? Check.

Great job! The only thing missing were peppers, to complete the Angie food groups.
We grilled the steak, cooked the mushrooms up in gravy and caramelized the onions. Then we combined them all into a panini with ciabatta bread. Angie made hers of many layers and could barely finish it. Nice work!
Angie also brought her favorite cocktail of late: "Heritage" Dr. Pepper (the kind with sugar, not corn syrup) and vodka. Try it. It is delicious.
For entertainment, we watched some of the first season of the United States of Tara. That show totally messes with your head. It's awesome. Love me some Toni Collette!

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Great googley-moogley.