Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Introducing Sandwich Lunch Club!

My friend Karen took me to a fantastic sandwich place yesterday. We convened what could become the Sandwich Lunch Club. Kate(back from Israel, yay!), Karen(of course), Ethan(he of great sandwich exactitude), Kristi and I took off for the fabulous Signal Hills Mall in West St. Paul at lunchtime. Yes, the old Signal Hills Mall has a great sandwich place. I didn't believe it at first either. It was great to get out of the museum for a change, now that Pompeii is open and the frantic work pace has slowed a tad.

So here's the place--it has a few names, as you can see. Kallyste Chocolates, The Real Cafe, maybe some more. It is run by a French guy who wanted to get fantastic flavor combinations out to the people in a convenient package, i.e. sandwiches! He sells fudge, chocolates, and ice cream as well as salads, crepes, and dinner entrees.
There's the background. Now here's the sandwiches. There's a HUGE list of hot and cold sandwiches. There are lots of interesting combinations of fruits, veggies, meats, cheeses. It took us ages to choose!

Kristi had the Parisien (left): It calls for a couple kinds of cheese, butter, sour cream and ham. Since she's a vegetarian, she asked him to skip the ham. He offered to put some veggies in instead and she let him choose. Good choice! He added avocado and red onions. Yum! I had the monthly special (as yet unnamed, on the right) Chicken, fresh mozzarella, pear, and chocolate sauce. Insane! The cheese was just salty enough to play off the pear and the chocolate was genius.

Kate had the cheese sandwich, which included feta and swiss among other cheeses and had garlic and lettuce.

Ethan chose the Exotic: Turkey, spinach, mango, and swiss cheese.

Karen's sandwich (I can't remember the name!) had mandarin oranges, shrimp and goat cheese.
Ethan and Karen also had pear smoothies and I had some great iced tea.
Wow--I need to go back, of course, and eat more unique gourmet sandwiches. You should go, too. Check it out! He's looking for a place in Woodbury that will be more visible.
Speaking of visibility, Beth and I will be heading out for a driving vacation in Montana and Wyoming for the next couple weeks. I'll be back online in mid-July with sandwich updates. Maybe I'll revisit my seminal pastrami sandwich place in Hamilton, MT if it's still there!


Anonymous said...

Joeys seafood and grill is going out of business the end on June. That would be a great location and space size for what he is doing.

Jane said...

Come back soon, Sandwich Night calls. . .

Ardy said...

rMegan, Ryan and I ate at the sandwich shop in Single Hills on Monday July 2nd and LOVED IT! We hope he stays in W.St. Paul.
I had the Mexican cold sandwich with turkey, avacado, red peppers, cheese, on a delicious baguette. Yum!! Megan had chicken, cheese garlic, pear, warm and wonderful. Ryan had hot ham and cheese.
Thanks for the repaired documents and the tip on a good lunch.

Aunt Ardys