Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Philly cheese steak--sort of..

It was so exciting to finally have Jane over for a Sandwich Night. We chose Philly Cheese Steaks and we made sandwiches that featured beef, onions, cheese and bread. I think if I called them Philly Cheese Steaks to a less forgiving Philadelphian than Karen, I might get smacked. But here's what we did: I thawed out the leftover roast beef from Italian Beef sandwiches and sliced it thin and heated the slices up in the pan juices (which we froze with the roast). I grilled onions on a flat griddle (perhaps the most authentic part of the sandwich!). Then we melted cheese on top of the onions (provolone and mozzarella--not cheez whiz. Jane even slipped some goat cheese on hers!)

I got supermarket french bread, which wasn't my first choice but it worked okay. We assembled them by pouring pan juices on the bread, then meat, then the onions and cheese.
The verdict--delicious! Who cares how authentic they are, if they taste good, right?

And we couldn't let Jane escape bad tv, so we made her watch America's Got Talent. The verdict--America does indeed have talent. And David Hasselhoff is a boozebag.

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Karen said...

Hey - I support the "it doesn't matter as long as it tastes good" theory. I just think it might deserve a new name. Like Powderhorn Cheese Steak...