Monday, June 4, 2007

I love cheese!

Here's some fancy sandwiches I made for a party a couple weeks ago. I got the recipe from the newspaper (yes, we still get the newspaper-how else would we do Isaac Asimov's Super Quiz?) You take white bread, cut the crusts off, brush the slices with melted butter and place them on a griddle. Then add gated gruyere and sharp white cheddar cheese. Grill on each side until lightly browned, then put the sandwiches on a cookie sheet and finish the melting in the oven. Cut the sandwiches into triagles for serving. You make a dipping sauce for the sandwiches by reducing balsamic vinegar by half, then stirring in some butter to thicken it. Yum! Fancy!
I continued down the cheddar and gruyere road the other day with the leftover cheese. I made a sandwich with gruyere on one side, sharp white cheddar on the other and caramelized onions in between. I made it on wheat bread because that's what we had. I think white or sourdough would be even better. Beth said it tasted like French onion soup. So there-French Onion Sandwich! Try it!


amy j said...

I love cheese too. With jelly.

Anonymous said...

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