Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Recent Sandwiches of Note

Beth and I just got back from a two week tour of South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana and Idaho. In short, we had a blast, got to see my aunt in Hamilton, MT, and spent lots of time geyser gazing (but not Geyser Gazing) at Yellowstone.
We didn't have too many memorable sandwiches along the way, but I have two of note.

I know, that's not a sandwich! Rather it's a lovely city park in Sheridan, WY where we ate sandwiches I made in the car from Everett's sliced roast beef, dill havarti, and Trader Joe's ciabatta rolls. That's it. I made them while Beth was driving, then we decided to drive around Sheridan to find a park where we could picnic and stretch our legs. By the time we had located said park, they had been sitting on the sunny dashboard for about 20 minutes. Which was perfect. Mmmm..the cheese had softened up, the meat had lost its chill from the cooler and the ciabatta was the perfect container to get all that melty goodness to our mouths. Try it. Better than cooking a brisket on the exhaust manifold!

Once we got to Hamilton, I tracked down the BACK DOOR DELI! That's the birthplace of my sandwich love! And it's still there! Beth and managed to swing by one afternoon before it closed. I didn't want to jinx my memory of the perfect pastrami sandwich so we ordered the Bacado instead.

That's freshly microwaved bacon, swiss cheese, avocado, lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise on a wheat sub roll. Pretty close to perfect, if you ask me. It was fantastic--one of those sandwiches where the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Gestalt!


Jane said...

Ok, I'm glad you are back. I have an idea. As you may be aware, I'm growing my first vegetable plant. Because it doesn't get much sun, my tomato plant only has one green tomato on it. It's actually quite sad. However, if it turns red, let's make BLTs. If it stays green, let's do fried green tomato sandwiches!

Anonymous said...

all sando entries should end with "gestalt!"