Monday, May 14, 2007

Two part Sandwich Night?


Angie couldn't make it tonight. (She had to go to a funeral.) But Sandwich Night was already in motion so Beth and I carried on. Angie's coming over Wednesday night to watch the ANTM season finale and eat the barbecue chicken sandwiches instead.

Aaah, barbecue chicken. So delicious. I don't have a smoker or a barbecue pit so I decided to keep it simple. I poached boneless chicken breasts, then shredded them and let them simmer in the barbecue sauce for a while. I did, however, make my own sauce from a recipe in the America's Test Kitchen Family Cookbook. It turned out pretty well. And it was surprisingly easy. I whipped it up while I was waiting on the coffee to brew this morning!

To assemble the sandwiches, we toasted hamburger buns, then piled on smoked gouda, the chicken, sliced bread and butter pickles and yellow mustard. It turned out very nicely. But I think next time I will leave the cheese off the bottom. I'd rather let the sauce soak into the bun. I'll try that Wednesday!

Beth and I decided we needed good sides for the sandwiches as well. I cooked up some collard greens and we got a can of baked beans. They were fantastic with the barbecue! And the iron! My mother would be proud.

Remember, next Monday with be both the Heroes season finale and the Sandwich Night season finale. Come over!

And have no fear, I'll still be blogging about sandwiches and be open for suggestions for new uncharted sandwich territory. Oh, the freedom!

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Meghan said...

yummy! that is what we are having for dinner tonight...chicken is poaching as I type.