Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I am the cheese

I learned three things tonight:
1.) Don't microwave baked beans. Especially without something covering them.
2.) Smoked Gouda doesn't really melt, although it is delicious.
3.) Sometimes Little Angie needs the night off.
I've been officially stood up twice this week by our former squatter. I forgive her. She's suffering from end of the season rugby fatigue, with which I'm very familiar.
I was also ditched by Beth tonight since she had a hockey game.
Yes, I am the cheese and the cheese stands alone. Or, in my case, sits on the couch stuffing her face with an even better barbecue chicken sandwich while enjoying the season finale of America's Next Top Model alone. I had my fantastic Summit ESB for company (they made it part of the permanent line! Yippee!) I had Mickey Mouse as well (he has a sandwich too!)

So here's what I did to make the sandwich even better: I got onion hamburger buns and I put the chicken on the bottom bun, topped with a piece of smoked Gouda. Then I put that in the oven for the cheese to melt (which it didn't, but the chicken soaked into the bottom bun nicely). I toasted the top bun, put yellow mustard on it and then I sliced hot dill pickles onto the sandwich. Delicious.
A quiet night, but all in all a good one!
And I totally called a Jaslene win for ANTM, just in case anyone's keeping score!


Eric Hauge said...

Rebecca, I have a suggestion for your blog that I feel will further solidify your website as THE authoritative sandwich blog on the entire internet.

For your future sandwiches, you could use the website to help explain the intricate details involved in creating your masterpieces.

For example.

Just a suggestion.

Anonymous said...

And her first ad...
Hi Y'All This is Jaslene for Vaseline! LOL

Rebecca said...

Wow, might even be too anal for me! Taking all those pictures during the process just delays your eating pleasure.

Cool site, though!

Jane said...

p.s. Rebecca, you've totally met Eric, remember my birthday party at The Chatterbox? He was the guy with the beard.

Karen said...

Since when do they pick the better model over the stupid one who "learned more"?