Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Best. Sandwich Night. EVER.

(I'm crazy busy hosting a conference at work this week so this will be short. Look for more details and photos in a few days!)
It was the best Sandwich Night yet. We assembled the giant hero from essentially the same ingredients as the original hero. Only this time, I made it the night before and let it sit in the fridge all day to let the flavors meld into new deliciousness.
We had a houseful of people including sandwich night regulars Angie(of course, no excuses this week!), Mandy(who ate a sandwich!), Kris and Doug, Karen, and Beth and me. My friend Amy finally came to a sandwich night and brought her three kids. (Kate couldn't make it--she's in Israel digging up dirt, hoping to discover the next big thing in Roman archeology.) Everyone brought treats. Amy-Potato Salad. Kris-Rhubarb Cake. Karen-Cupcakes. Angie-Beer!
Everyone loved the sandwich. Angie kept guessing ingredients which weren't even in it, like sun dried tomatoes. Even the kids ate it!
And, the Heroes finale was pretty spectacular.
All in all, a great night!
So-Sandwich Night as a regularly scheduled event is going on summer break. The blog isn't. We'll have Sandwich Nights as the inspiration hits. And, we may even have Sandwich Lunches at work....interested anyone?


Karen said...

Of course I'm interested in Sandwich Lunches! We can probably hook Ethan in, too.

Hurrah for the heroic Hero!

kate said...

I'm glad the hero part deux turned out so well! You better not do that thing where you say you're going to post pictures later and don't.

My daily sandwich here is consumed at 8:30 in the morning, when I've already been up for 4 hours. We take a mid-morning break in the field and they bring out cheeses, fresh tomatoes and cucumbers, and chewy whie hoagie rolls. I make turkish coffee in a styrofoam cup as a side. Then, as you're eating, dust and gnats get stuck in the sandwich moisture, adding that paticular je ne sais quois. I encourage you to attempt a replication.

Anonymous said...

I can hook you up on some ingredients for Kates sandwich LOL

BTW.. The kids were watching some bogus movie with the cheerleader from Heros in it.. She was a cheerleader in this one too.


Rebecca said...

I am going to get pictures up! Maybe even tonight. Definitely tomorrow!

The Cheerleader was also in the movie about the zebra who races thoroughbreds..Racing Stripes? Quality career!

Meghan and Lila said...

did you get a haircut?! Love it!! Love that green shirt too!
Lila wants to know how you got that in your mouth.