Wednesday, May 2, 2007


How can you pick just one kind of grilled cheese sandwich? We couldn't, so we made a bunch and shared them! We used sourdough bread as a base for all the sandwiches. The five kinds of sandwiches my co-worker Karen and I made were: 1.)mozzarella, tomato, basil; 2.)monterey jack, avocado, bacon; 3.)brie, green apple; 4.)sharp cheddar, hot mango chutney; and 5.)sharp cheddar, Swiss, bacon, red onion, avocado. We shared these with Beth who was late to Sandwich Night due to a hockey game. Since we were eating so many fancy sandwiches, I decided to make a fancy green salad with grapefruit and avocados. Yum! Angie made some crazy sandwiches, too. But I was too busy with my own to see what she put in them--let's say lots of sauteed mushrooms, Swiss, bacon, and tomato in one and tomato, basil, red onions, and a couple cheeses in the other.
I'd say my favorite varieties were the apple and brie, cheddar and chutney, and the Swiss, cheddar, bacon, avocado, bacon combo. My favorite part of the evening was listening to all of the crunching while we eating our sandwiches!

What do you make for dessert after you've gorged on a smorgasbord of grilled cheese? Thanks to Karen, you dine on a smorgasbord of grilled CHOCOLATE sandwiches! Using thinly sliced white bread we tried caramel filled dark chocolate(the winner!); raspberry filled dark chocolate(good, but not raspberry enough); dark chocolate and strawberry jam(a close second place); and peanut butter cups(good, but the peanut butter didn't melt). Yeah, I'm not going to think about the calories.

Sandwich Night will be returning to Monday next week. Only three episodes of Heroes left! Next week we will eat Grilled Vegetable sandwiches. Lefty--I know you are blurking out there--are you coming over?


Karen Pollard said...

I think you got a bad end of the jack, avacado, bacon sandwich, because it was my favorite. All smooth with lots of bacon flavor. Yum.

The peanut butter did not melt because I wanted to see what would happen if we used Reeses Peanut butter cups. In the future, I'd probably do like with the jelly and smear peanut butter on one slice of the bread. That might give the super unctous caramel a run for its money.

erichauge said...

What time do the Grilled Vegetable sandwiches go down? KJ's got class Monday nights, so I'd be bringing Lyndon with...and we don't want to be messing with his bedtime. So I'd have to leave by 7:30-8pm at the latest.

Eric said...

I got a head start on sandwich night. Check out the hummus, cheese, pickle, and tomato sandwich I had for lunch: