Wednesday, September 1, 2010

State Fair sandwiches, revised

I have stated in the past that the Minnesota State Fair isn't really all that exciting on the sandwich front. The other non-sandwich foods are usually far more enticing.
Well, let me me tell you about a couple sandwiches I have recently discovered at the Fair that may change my opinion for good.
First, there are the grilled chocolate sandwiches at Moe and Joes Coffee. They have had the basic grilled chocolate sandwich for a few years, but this year they introduced the grilled chocolate, marshmallow and banana sandwich. I also missed the introduction of the Elvis sandwich a couple years ago. That's a grilled peanut butter and banana sandwich. I guess the bacon was too much trouble.
All of their sandwches are quite lovely. Gooey enough to be delicious, but not so gooey that you can't enjoy them while walking around. Beth and I shared the marshmallow and the Elvis and were very happy with them. It's a good base. And you could walk across the street to the All You Can Drink Milk booth if you need something to wash them down.
The other sandwich I discovered this year is at Turkey to Go, also located by the All You Can Drink Milk. I've seen the stand for years but thought they only sold turkey legs which I'm not too excited about. That's just too much food to commit to when there are so many delicious things to try. But who knew they also sell a fantastic turkey sandwich? My sister in law happened upon it while buying a lemonade. She got the "gluten free" version--which is simply shredded roast turkey in a cup. It was so good I knew I had to go back for the gluten-full variety on my next trip to the Fair. Then there was a cool article about the sandwich in the newspaper, so I knew it was meant to be. The wait was worth it. The turkey is roasted and shredded, then stuffed in a slightly sweet soft white bun. They have an assortment on condiments (bbq sauce, mayo, etc.) but it doesn't need any of them. Now, THAT'S a good sandwich!

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Meghan said...

yummy! it was so good! makes me want to roast a turkey and add a bunch of salt! glad you went back for the gluten-full version.