Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Crazy for Caprese

Our Caprese Sandwich Night was delightful. I got heirloom tomatoes from the coop since ours aren't ripe yet. I picked the basil in the backyard. I made the mozzarella. I bought ciabatta rolls and sliced sourdough bread. Finally, I reduced some balsamic vinegar until it was nice and syrupy.
The big choice was, cold sandwich or panini? Both had their merits. I brushed the ciabatta rolls with a little olive oil and toasted them. Then we layered on the ingredients. The result was fresh and tasty. But, we also had sourdough bread and a panini maker and you know everything tastes better as a panini, right? Right! The paninis were especially good with a drizzle of reduced balsamic vinegar over the top. Yum!
I did learn something new about fresh mozzarella, too. I covered the cheese with water after I made it according to the directions. When I pulled it out two days later for sandwich night it was the slimiest gooiest mess. I sliced it, then the slices all oozed together. It was still super delicious, but next time I'll serve it sooner or use less water!

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cora carey said...

you know someone recently told me that "panini" is actually plural so you can't say "a panini". but i don't know what the singular is. paninum?
is this true??