Thursday, May 27, 2010

I'm in good company

The Star Tribune Taste 50 2010 was just published. It lists the best and most exciting things in food in Minnesota this year. I'm pleased to tell you that Seward Coop's roast turkey deli meat (the one I'm always raving about) made the list. As did Uncle Pete's Sweet Hot Mustard. That name rang a bell with me. That's probably because I picked up a jar earlier this spring but it's been lost among all of the other mustards in my fridge.
So today, in honor of the Taste 50 and Uncle Pete's I made a sandwich with wheat bread, the mustard, Carr Valley Menage cheese and spinach. I didn't have any turkey, unfortunately.
The verdict? The mustard is sweet. Not terribly hot. But definitely tasty. I look forward to putting it on a Seward Coop turkey sandwich. Also, Carr Valley Menage cheese is lovely. It's a semi firm white cheese made from sheep, goat and cow milk.

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