Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I had a terrifically difficult time choosing a place to eat at the Milwaukee Public Market. There were so many different food stands and so many awesome sounding sandwiches. How to decide? I finally settled on a sandwich I had never heard of before: the manapua. It's Hawaiian and consists of a sweet bun filled with pulled pork. Heaven.
So let's move past the weird factor of buying a Hawaiian sandwich from a sushi stand in Milwaukee and get to the important stuff. Yes, it was quite tasty. The bun was just sweet enough and the pork had the right amount of sauce. Not too gooey, not too dry.
And what do you think I had to drink with my manapua? Hawaiian Punch, of course!


Melissa said...

I am crying inside over the fact that I didn't find this sandwich when I was at the Milwaukee Public Market.

Amy J. said...

When we were in Hawaii, my sisiter's friend tried to convince me that these were filled with *cat*.