Friday, February 19, 2010

Save the date!

March 10!
That's the premier of America's Next Top Model Cycle 14.
Check out a sneak peek of the contestants, courtesy of one of my favorite ANTM bloggers, fourfour.
Fourfour draws our attention to the show's use of portmanteaus-combining words to make a whole new word. Remember "smize"? Lordy.
Well, Karen had a great idea for our Cycle 14 premier Sandwich Night: portmanteau sandwich!
Do you have a suggestion for a sandwich made from two other sandwiches? Something that will be delicious, like the Monte Cubano?
Post it in the comments. If I get enough ideas, I'll put it to a poll.


Karen said...

Not sure I can beat a Monte Cubano. I think Club sandwiches are portmanteaus.

What about a BLTcheeseburger? Or roast beef, bacon, egg and cheese...with Hollendaise or gravy?

Amy said...

How about Banh Mi Dagwood? Or a Hot Turkey Dinner Piroshki? Oooo - or a Rueben Calzone?

I think I need a snack. :)