Saturday, February 6, 2010


This article popped up on my Yahoo! homepage the other day. How could I resist a story on the 10 Worst Sandwiches in America?
It turns out to be one of those guilt inducing articles about the highest calorie and fat offerings at chain restaurants. It also tells you a substitution lower in fat and calories on the same menu.
It got me thinking. First of all, I don't really eat at a lot of chain restaurants. Perhaps it's because I live in the city and they aren't so many chain places nearby. Or perhaps it's because chain food has been so focussed grouped and value engineered that it's usually just plain nasty.
Whatever the case, I've only eaten one of the 10 worst sandwiches and that's the meatball sub at Subway. And I stopped eating those years ago when the meatballs started creeping me out too much. I still recall it was pretty tasty sandwich in a satisfyingly nasty way, especially if they put the cheese on the bottom and you added banana peppers and olives on top. I laughed at their alternative: swap a footlong meatball sub for a 6" roastbeef and save 850 calories, 41.5 grams of fat and 2,220 mg of sodium. Also save half a sandwich. And be stuck eating nasty Subway roastbeef, which is just as creepy as the meatballs.
Hmmm...I think I'll just make my own meatball sandwich. And remember to work out and eat my veggies.

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