Thursday, February 11, 2010

Gold Medal Sandwich Night!

The Olympics start tomorrow!
I love the Olympics as much as I love sandwiches. Therefore we must bring the two together, don't you think?
How about Sunday the 14th?
I don't think Vancouver has a signature sandwich so I think I'll feature that Northwest Coast favorite, salmon!
What do you think? Salmon burgers? Teriyaki salmon sandwiches?
And yes, I know it's Valentine's day. But don't you think salmon and the Olympics are romantic?
Let me know if want to come over!


Meghan said...

nanaimo's kinda like a sandwich only it's sweet and delicious!

Rebecca said...

I'm totally making Nanaimo bars-you read my mind! I've actually been to Nanaimo, BC. But I didn't hsve any bars.

Meghan said...

oh yummy! send pictures. we'll try to make them too! we've been to nanaimo too. It rained.