Saturday, November 8, 2008

Order up! The hot roast beef chronicle...

It's been almost two weeks since our hot roast beef Sandwich Night and I've been all distracted by the election and Karen's demand that this post bear some reflection on the intensely personal nature of hot roast beef sandwich assembly. I believe Kate summed it up perfectly when she said that she loves the assemble your own style Sandwich Nights because it's fun to see what everyone does.
For hot roast beef, I roasted a rump roast with lots of garlic stuffed in it. I coated the outside with pepper, salt and garlic powder. I put some onions, garlic, water and red wine in the pan under the roast to make a base for the gravy. After the roast was done I put the pan drippings in the fridge so the fat would harden up. Then I followed a Cook's Illustrated gravy recipe. It turned out nicely--I'm a little out of my element with gravy so it always makes me nervous! I also mashed up a bunch of potatoes and got some squishy white bread. As a side, I roasted brussels sprouts--toss brussels sprouts with olive oil, salt and pepper and then roast them for about an hour. Yum! I also put out some horseradish since it is necessary when eating roast beef.
Here are the results:
Beth went classic diner style: diagonally sliced bread, meat, gravy and potatoes on the side.
I went classic hot turkey style--pile it all up, gravy over everything
Kate's not a huge gravy fan so she went bread, meat and a little gravy. Everything else on the side.
And Karen made a perfect gravy depression in her potatoes in the classic sandwich presentation.
Lisa skipped the gravy altogether and loaded her sandwich up with horseradish. She was also the only person able to eat her sandwich with her hands!
We were entranced by Dancing With the Stars so we decided to watch it and then watch Heroes on tape. The downside to that is that our new converter box will only let us tape what we are actually watching, so we had to huddle around the 13" black and white in the kitchen to watch DWTS in order for Heroes to tape. Classy!It was a lovely night--we got to see Cloris Leachman hip hop. Man oh man. Kate and Karen both brought dessert so we had pumpkin bars and brownies while we watched Heroes. And yes, Sienna the dog got plenty of treats!

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