Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Jucy Lucy, anyone?

I've been on sort of an unintentional Jucy Lucy tour lately. It all started with my friends Jane and John looking to branch out from Matt's. The Matt's Jucy Lucy had the curse of being named the best hamburger in Minnesota this summer and the place has been jam packed ever since. Jane is convinced the Matt's Lucy is smaller and not as delicious as it used to be, plus the crowds are clueless and the staff is tired and cranky.
We set out for another South Minneapolis Jucy Lucy establishment, Adrian's. We were shocked to discover they were OUT of the Adrian's Juicy Luicy that night. WHAT? We had double cheeseburgers instead. They were okay.
Then, a couple weeks later, Beth and I ventured out to Matt's for dinner. We got there a little after 8:00 and it was full but not crowded. The Jucy Lucy was as delicious as always, although the burnt crust on the exterior of the patty was a little under done for my liking. Still my favorite, of course!
Then, on the day after the election, we found the best way to wash away the last remnants of our hangovers with the Adrian's Juicy Luicy. It is bigger that Matt's, with fresh cut grilled onions and a big slice of American cheese on top of the patty. They were crazy hot and pretty good. I don't think I needed the extra cheese on top. Processed cheese is so slimy, except when it has undergone the transforming reaction catalysed by heat and the inside of a hamburger patty. I'd say they are second place in the "classic Jucy Lucy" category for me.
Last night I met my old co-workers Kate and Kristi at the Blue Door Pub
in St. Paul. They have an entire part of their menu devoted to cheese stuffed burgers. I'm usually skeptical of these novelties, but I jumped right in and sampled the Blucy. It is awesome--stuffed with blue cheese and garlic, served with pickles and a nice soft bun. I'll be back! (But not Terminator style.)

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