Friday, November 21, 2008

14 Year Sandwich

That's what follows the 7 Year Itch, I believe. Not sure what itch comes at 21 years.
Beth and I went to Cupcake on our 14th anniversary last week. Their cupcakes are okay (choose chocolate over vanilla) but I really wanted to try their sandwiches. Beth got a pesto veggie number which was tasty. I got a brie and apple sandwich which was quite delicious.That's sourdough, spread with butter (good choice!), mixed greens, brie, green apple, and dried cranberries. Nice combo. It would be even better as a panini, though. But then almost everything is better as a panini!


Gemma said...

Your blog is bery original. I like it.

Amy J. said...

Oh yeah. You've got to melt that cheese. Panini all the way.
Belated congratulations To you and lovely Beth!

Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary!

Your sandwich needs some chopped walnuts and walnut oil salad dressing.

And its a travesty that Denise Richards JR was voted off ANTM!!!

Peter said...

good job. congratulations. i estimated you would eat 357 sandwiches in a year, so get crackin. double sessions til new years eve.