Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Sandwich Night First

We had an historic Sandwich Night last Monday. Kate's boyfriend, Rhys, was visiting and was very excited about coming to a Sandwich Night. He was so excited, in fact, that he brought the sandwich! (Now this is a trend I can endorse...)
The sandwich was inspired by a dish (correct me here, Rhys) served at the American Club in Kohler, WI. The original meal was a blackened beef tenderloin, cumin mustard sauce, twice baked potatoes and Caeser salad.For it's sandwich transformation, Rhys grilled a sirloin steak seasoned with Paul Prudhomme's Blackened Steak rub. He chose a lovely peasant bread and offered three types of cheese: smoked gouda (the best!), parmesan, and sharp cheddar. He also made the cumin mustard which was creamy and cuminy and delicious. He and Kate made a Caesar salad from scratch as an accompaniment.
I put everything except sharp cheddar on my sandwich, which was might tasty if not very photogenic.
My verdict is that we need to keep Rhys around. I'd like to see what he'll come up with next!

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