Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I am an SIHL travelling correspondant myself

I drove down to Chicago over the weekend and noticed a new roadsign for Beef A Roo in South Beloit, WI. This just so happens to be the same Beef A Roo that Kate raves about visiting everytime she's home seeing her parents. Serendipity? I think so!
We managed to stop on our way home in a lovely sleet storm. It was a good driving break and the recommended menu of roast beef sandwich, cheddar fries and jamocha shake hit the spot. The sandwich was sliced roast beef (like Arby's, but better) on a soft sesame bun. The place was lacking in condiment variety, but I made do with some horseradish sauce.

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Amy said...

Rebecca - Unrelated to pulled pork, I have a link for you...scanwiches! So pretty, and delicious. Mmm.