Thursday, January 8, 2009

New Year, New Directions?

I'm still pondering new themes for the blog this year. The year of counting sandwiches was lots of fun but that's been done. I'm thinking of posting recipes for some of my favorite sandwiches this year. Or maybe exploring the extremes of sandwiches. It's always fun to raise the is it a sandwich or isn't it argument, after all. Or maybe devoting myself to a certain number of new and unique sandwich discoveries.
So, stay tuned as I continue to explore the wonderful world of sandwiches!


Anonymous said...

With around 195 countries in the world.. maybe you could come up with a regional/country of origin sandwich count?
At least it would give you an excuse to go to the International market..

Jane Bowman said...

I like the idea of stretching/exploring the meaning of "What constitutes a sandwich?"
I mean, just imagine the possibilities of all the different kind of sandwiches!