Thursday, January 8, 2009

Lamb Burgers!

Who new lamb burgers were so delicious? Well, I did, actually. That's why I was excited that Kate offered to host Sandwich Night and make lamb burgers.
They were fantastic. She mixed parsley, cilantro, white vinegar, molasses, allspice and some more ingredients I'm surely forgetting into the ground lamb.For bread, she had wheat buns, French buns and pita bread. She made tzatziki sauce and Greek salad. Plus, she had feta cheese, sliced red onions, and spinach to round out the choices.
Pretty! There's a burger in there, too.
A more traditional burger option. And a nice action shot.
The cross section. They were so good that I made one on pita bread, then finished with half a burger on the French bun. I don't know which one I preferred. They were both awesome.
Karen and Lisa came as well. Karen brought dulce de leche and clementines. Try dipping clementine segments into dulce de leche. Just try it. Trust me.
For entertainment we switched between Superstars of Dance and The Bachelor. Really, we were saving ourselves for True Beauty. Wow--a reality show from the crazed minds of Tyra Banks AND Ashton Kutcher. I felt my IQ slip a few points during that one. But with delicious lamb burgers in my belly, I hardly minded a bit.

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