Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Pretty Sandwich Pictures

I've been busy plotting the Bahn Mit/ANTM Season 1 Sandwich Night and have not been posting photos of some tasty sandwiches I've eaten recently. Enjoy...Grilled Swiss and provolone with avocado on cracked wheat bread. Mmmm...
Proscuitto, honey (from my friend Martha's hives!), brie and mustard greens on Rustica bread. I had this one at a small panini party at the warehouse with Ethan.
Ethan's salami and fresh mozzarella panini with signature finger pointing. He took the lettuce out to grill, then put in back in to eat. Interesting technique!
And finally, cheese stuffed turkey and bacon burger from a Bruce Aidells recipe. He made the recipe as an homage to the hickory burger at the Apple Pan in Los Angeles. It was okay and a fair amount of work to make. I say, if you want a burger that is an homage to the hickory burger, you should hop a flight to LA and get one of your own. Don't mind the wait, there's plenty of room along the wall and good people watching.

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Anonymous said...

SIHL is an eyecandy masterpiece..

The last batch of sandwiches look to be the best ever!