Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Steak Yum!

We decided to go with sliced steak on a baguette with some combination of cheese, onions and mushrooms. The dilemma was, what kind of steak? I found a recipe for a steak marinade called "better than A-1" and it suggested flank steak. Mmmm... Beth wanted to get a nice little filet mignon and butterfly it. So, we got both. The marinade was awesome. Beth grilled them in the chilly back yard. (It's more like February than April today.) Then we spread Boursin garlic and herb cheese on the bread, toasted it, then layered sliced steak, more Boursin cheese, sauteed onions and mushrooms and a little spinach on it. I made french fries and a tomato salad. Delish.
The only downside is that Angie got tickets to the Twins game at the last minute and ditched sandwich night! So naughty. She's got some making up to do next week.
We have a preliminary sandwich choice, pending Miss Thing's approval but I'm not going to reveal it yet. Here's a hint--it's the first sandwich I truly loved!

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Peter said...

moooooooo! i feel happy you killed me now. this sandwich was worth all the trouble i went through at feedlot.

can i have mine with a porter?