Tuesday, April 17, 2007

First Angie, now Beth!

Beth just remembered she made plans for Sandwich Night (granted it was weeks ago, before we had sandwiches on Wednesdays) so she will be ditching us this week. Do you sense doom for Sandwich Night???? NO!!!!

Kate will be coming over to make sure the California Chicken Club is up to snuff. Angie will be here. Mandy will be here. She might even eat a sandwich if we get her a veggie chick'n patty. All is not lost. We'll even save Beth some fixings so she can make her own sandwich later.

Long Live Sandwich Night!!!


Anonymous said...

thank god! you had me worried there for a second...

Peter said...

sandwich night has developed into something much larger than the sum of its parts....sandwich night in invincible and impervious to non-attendence of core members.

we have less influence--either for good or bad--- on sandwich night than we think.